Process Capabilities

Solubility/ Bioavailability Enhancement

STEERLife’s  FragMeltTM platform can be applied to change the solid state of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), for example — from crystalline to amorphous form by solid dispersion/solid solution technology, ultimately enhancing bioavailability and / or solubility.


All STEERLife platform technologies  are contained systems and are preferred for production of solid dosage forms of highly potent molecules and active pharmaceutical ingredients such as steroids, hormones and oncology products which require containment for avoiding exposure to personnel and cross contamination.


STEERLife’s EXIMIOUS ® effervescent platform enables development of tablets for oral solutions with higher product quality, longer stability and lower dissolution time.

Extended Release

Extended release formulations are intended to prolong the drug release over a period of time. They provide for better patient compliance by reducing the frequency of administration. STEERLife platforms such as FragMeltTM and ActiMorphTM can be used for designing customized extended release systems.

Taste Masking

STEERLife’s platforms offer superior fusion, mixing and fragmentation capabilities that help mask bitter tastes, making it easier for pharmaceutical manufacturers to take their medicines highly palatable.

High drug loading

STEERLife’s ActiMorph platforms enables granulation of API and excipients with drug loading upto as high as 95%, resulting in significant reduction in pill size and therefore costs and enhancing ease of use.

Stability enhancement

STEERLife’s truly continuous platforms are built to run on the principles of ‘Quality by Design’ rather than ‘Quality by Testing’. This results in significant improvement in process control, reduced risk and improved stability of the process and the resultant product.