Drug Development

New Brand Opportunities:

Complex FTF/FTM ANDA Development:

High-Performance Product Development and Manufacturing

STEERLife’s process capabilities  enable multidimensional specialty applications such as solubility/bioavailability enhancement, containment, high performance effervescence, improved efficacy and safety.


Our proprietary platforms  are highly useful in either creating a new brand or augmenting  life cycle of brands across oral solid and semi-solid dosage forms.

STEERLife’s platforms also enable development of difficult-to-make ANDA products with limited competition and high market potential, including first to market opportunities. We partner with pharmaceutical companies looking for a portfolio of complex/High-Performance product  ANDA that are selected based on market potential, number of players, complexity involved in development and fitments to our proprietary platforms that give them a clear edge over current and future competition.

STEERLife offers development, manufacture and supply of oral dosage forms for markets like India that offer branded generic opportunities. We maintain ‘one quality standard’ across all markets. Superior product quality enables creation of brands that Doctors trust.


STEERLife’s proprietary effervescent platform ‘EXIMIOUS’ has enabled development of tablets/granules for oral solutions/suspension with higher product quality, longer stability and lower dissolution time. STEERLife offers all effervescent based OTC monographs, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and herbal products.