Less than 10% of new drug candidates demonstrate both high solubility and permeability


STEERLife has developed a unique Hot Melt Fragmentation (FragMelt™) platform to disperse APIs in a matrix at the molecular level, thus forming solid solutions


FragMelt™ can be used even for shear or heat-sensitive materials and clearly demonstrates significant improvement in process efficiency as measured in terms of both improved throughput rate and quality attributes due to better control on fundamental processing factors such as residence time, shear peak and uniformity of work. This enables drug delivery systems for poorly soluble drugs or specialized drug forms such as films for transdermal patches


The main competing technology, Hot Melt Extrusion, produces melt extrudate that is difficult to process FragMelt™ is available for a number of applications, including amorphous solid dispersion, controlled release systems, polymorph generation, novel co-crystallization (solvent-free continuous co-crystallization), porous polymeric systems




ActiMorph™ allows API (and excipients) to be granulated and dried within a single processor, with a residence time of less than a minute, producing API granules that have very high drug content (>97% by weight), flow extremely well (thus enabling accurate gravimetric feeding), do not stick or agglomerate, and have excellent compressibility.


This creates API materials with desirable properties for many Direct Compression applications, both low and high dose, both continuous and batch manufacturing

Integraal CM Granules

Other CM Granules

  • More symmetrical
  • Better flow
  • Low agglomeration
  • Better compressibility
  • Elongated rod shaped
  • Friable
  • Bi or Tri modal PSD


Effervescent compositions offer unique advantages such as administration in solution form. They are  useful for people with gag reflex or swallowing difficulty and are especially useful for administering medicines to geriatric and pediatric patients. Effervescent compositions from conventional techniques suffer from low carbon dioxide (CO2) content, low porosity, longer disintegration times and have low mechanical strength. STEERLife's advanced  patent pending effervescent technologies help create effervescent compositions with increased porosity, rapid disintegration times and high mechanical strength while retaining a greater percentage of CO2 (as compared to the input blend).

      *Patent Pending

Compositions utilising STEERLife's effervescence technologies include;




useful for people who have problems swallowing. They are also helpful for improving the bio-availability of various classes of drugs. Converting the dosage forms into effervescent flavoured and sweetened oral solutions can also enhance the acceptability
of the medications.




RDTs are solid unit dosage forms with improved patient compliance. RDTs are especially helpful for children and older people who have problems in swallowing. These tablets disintegrate and disperse rapidly in a glass of water.




ODTs disintegrate with saliva and do not require any external source of liquid for consumption. They are especially useful for patients with dysphagia, or even children who are too young to swallow   tablets or capsules.