Dr.Babu Padmanabhan phd

Dr. Babu Padmanabhan is an Entrepreneur and Researcher with the mission to make breakthroughs in the field of Polymer Science.

He founded STEER in 1993 which specializes in Twin-Screw Extruders (TSE) and TSE components. In a short span of just over a decade, STEER and BABU are synonymous in the area of Twin-Screw Elements & Extrusion Technology.

He has done PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA.

He has presented several papers relevant to the polymer industry in the area of processing section components.

He is also active in social service and feels the need to contribute to Human Development.


Dr. Babu plays several roles in the ever-expanding organization, STEER.

  • Founder & Managing Director: STEER Engineering Private Limited.
  • Principal Consultant : STEER CONSULTANCY SERVICES
  • Chairman : STEER AMERICA INC.

  • Doctoral Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA. (Jan 89-Sep 92
  • Post Graduate in Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA. (Aug 87-Dec 88)
  • Graduated in Production Engineering, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, India (Aug 83-May 87)

  • Manufacture of segmented, fully wiping, co-rotating twin-screw extruder elements such as screws and kneading blocks used in Engineering Plastics Compounding.2
  • Manufacturer of Heart Valve Frames for TTK Pharma Ltd, developed by Sri Chitra Thirunal Institute, TVM
  • Manufactured Gas turbine wheel gauges in collaboration with NTTFIL, Bangalore for BHEL, Hyderabad. Samples tested and accepted???
  • Consultant to NTTF, Bangalore for the design and manufacture (CNC Part program development) of various tools including a deep drawing tool for colour TV Monitor Mask manufacture for SAMTEL
  • Worked on a new type of device to perform vibration control in “Space Station Freedom” and its potential use as a manipulator or a positioning device for NASA, Langley.
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Awards And Honors

  • VGT’s – A New Concept for Manipulator Joints, III prize winning entry in the ASME Mechanisms Design Contest, Graduate Division, Orlando, Sep 1988.
  • Free Trip to Cancun, Mexico, having been one of the top student dealers from Virginia Tech, awarded by the South Western Company.
  • Proficiency award as the top undergraduate student